Evansis is a world of Property – Training, Marketing, Buying,

Selling or Simply Facilitating the Deal.

This is a culmination of forty years experience and service dedicated to the industry,. A service that expends knowledge and skill to all that wish to exceed beyond a vision of mediocrity. We apply ourselves in a forthright manner and exhibit an acute awareness of the desire to achieve your own personal ambitions with least resistance, minimum inconvenience and on time!

Whatever your objectives; investment, portfolio building, buy to own or buy to sell, we satisfy the need for a greater insight into the opportunities that exist but so often appear to sit beyond the sphere of day to day understanding or accessibility.

Our integrated solutions sit comfortably with individuals and corporates whether in the private or public sectors. There is in our belief an inevitability that whatever your pursuit in the trade of property assets, we will emerge as exponents of the great art of closing a deal…. or just showing you how to do it!