Evansis is a world of property – training, marketing, buying, selling or simply facilitating the deal.

A service that expends knowledge and skill to all that wish to exceed beyond a vision of mediocrity.

Agency training

Develop charisma and presence from one to one training.

Sometimes even basic training is not provided yet individuals are expected to deliver performance in provision of service, communication, negotiation and ultimately results, however the essential tools are not provided to enhance the prospect for personal development or life skills. Our aim is to set strategic training for individuals and organisations for estate agency sales, marketing and management. Our approach is radically different from many training consultants. We are ”thinking and logic” innovators, often unconventional and unorthodox in our methods which in essence means we don’t just apply the obvious. We create self belief and confidence with a vision that will far exceed that of our peers and will enable you to out manoeuvre yours.

Agency marketing

Satisfy a craving for high impact visibility.

Many from the world of Estate Agency see marketing as merely a cost rather than an investment. This is largely borne out of inexperience or simply the fact that it is a difficult subject to understand. More and more entrepreneurs have a high appreciation for the reliance upon and need to bring aesthetic and holistic creative solutions to the business development process. Much  expense is incurred by continually outsourcing when really some simple initiatives that are stylish, sincere and sustainable will enable your business to shift from service provider to a brand with personality as you strive for distinction. Evansis can provide the dynamic, a sharpness and dexterity that you might previously had only talked about.

Portfolio development

Private development for residential or commercial portfolios.

Whether you represent the private or public sector diversification through your assets is essential and the same rule applies to your property portfolio. There are many tried and tested methods  for acquiring the obvious, but when it comes to identifying exclusive or bespoke opportunities we at Evansis excel due to our long standing network of associates and prospectors established over a generation. Our solutions create wealth through short, medium and longer term investment strategies or speculation in the UK and overseas residential and commercial markets. What they all have in common is bricks and mortar, the rest, the value in terms of yield or capital growth we develop for you.

If you looking outside the box for a bigger pool of options then Evansis prepares the way and through research, assessment, strategic planning and management we will identify, develop and
close on a very lucrative future portfolio.

Overseas Property

For your perfect lifestyle choice.

All nations are exposed to a far less stable economic climate and consequently can no longer have a reliance on just one source, supplier or market sector to perform whatever the commodity. Private property suffers the same fate. International house sales require a global approach and having access to a wide pool of prospects enhances the odds of winning. We collaborate with internationally renowned and branded companies, institutions and private individuals that can improve both supply and demand by sharing access to the most exceptional range of residential options from private luxury villas, ski chalets, country or coastal retreats, vineyards and hotels.

At Evansis we pride ourselves on knowing and understanding the property markets worldwide.

However our skill in performance is quite simple. It is applying the very best and persuasive sales techniques, clearly defined marketing and advertising strategies that are engaging, informative and understood in any language or currency.